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Multilingual Automation Done Right

Managing multilingual content is very complex. Automation is the only solution to do it right. But automation is not that easy either. And the majority of websites get it wrong. This hurts customers experience, SEO and is a waste of the translation budget.

LocHub aims to fix this with 3 solutions; LocHub Quality Assurance, LocHub Orchestrator, and LocHub Translate Marketplace to work with any translation agency.

Beautiful mistakes

Here are a few examples of websites with incorrect translations. e.g. Dutch and English text on the same page and English text on the French section of a website. These are very common mistakes.

beautiful mistakes example 1
beautiful mistakes example 2

LocHub Quality Assurance: Managing multi-lingual content

Are you wondering how to successfully manage multi-lingual content? Rolling out a multi-lingual website will only work if you get it right. Translating and localizing your website is a great start. But that is only the start. As your website content grows rapidly, you will need to make sure the quality and consistency of your multi-lingual content are perfect. Managing online multi-lingual content quality and consistency, though, is very hard to do. Lochub Quality Assurance dashboard provides continuous insights into the quality of your content.

Global Insights

LocHub Orchestrator: Connect, automate & distribute your source content for translation

LocHub integrates 24 major content source systems with any translation service provider so that you can stay in control of your translation process and multi-lingual content. Xillio develops new connectors on a regular basis and continuously updates existing ones to support releases of content systems. This is a list of a couple of content sources we support. Click on the button to see all. 

To all connectors

“Thanks to the number of connectors and the type of connectivity that LocHub offers, we can now connect our customers’ enterprise content systems to our translation system environment easily and fast without needing any development resources.”

Per Harbo Sorensen

Per Harbo Sørensen
World Translation, Partner

LocHub Translate: Marketplace

Translations are not as easy as most people think. But translations should also not be as complicated as most providers make it. Sending content for translations through LocHub makes it immediately a lot easier for the content creator. That’s the quick win! You can send it to your current provider or to a new one. The second win. Freedom! And you can browse the marketplace to look for providers with an advanced automation story giving you options and innovations. That’s the big win!!

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