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Monitor global content quality issues

It is a fact that errors in your global websites not only harm the customer experience, but it has a substantial impact on your SEO rankings. Google ranks websites on global content quality and the amount of native content on search terms in the language of the user.

By utilizing our Global Content Quality Assurance technology we provide detailed reports into multilingual continuity, consistency, and quality based on an analysis of all your digital content. Our standard dashboard identifies the overall quality of the web pages (1), incorrect localised content (2) page errors (3).

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Details on global content

Furthermore, the dashboard identifies content types that have been used on the different webpages (4) and shows the quality of the translated pages per language (5).

Take immediate action

The in-depth dashboards allows you to navigate to the pages that have been identified as potentially impacting the customer experience, including incorrect langauge content and broken links (6).

For the best multilingual customer experience, our LocHub solution can help you manage and automate the translation tasks therefore reducing the potential of manual errors. We have 26 direct connectors and the professional skill-set to connect to any content management systems.

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Free Quality Check

Secure your free quality check with LocHub Quality Assurance. This free, base version offers a quality assurance analysis of your website. It presents you with a global overview of the quality of your digital content. Fill out the form and our sales rep will contact you to start the quality assurance analysis.