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Attached - language intelligence

Attached helps you to connect, be understood, found, liked or even loved, in every language and on every platform.

Attached adds value to your content strategy with the perfect combination of tech and people skills, which ensures that your message is communicated in the most time- and cost-efficient way – reaching your target audiences around the world.

What sets Attached apart?
• Solid: Linguistic and cultural specialist
• Smart: Personal partner backed with hi-tech solutions
• Supportive: Global link between your customers and you

Offered Services

Transcreation, translation, copywriting, ISEO/SEA/SEM, multicultural marketing, consultancy, content management, DTP, traffic management

Public sector

Attached has over twenty years of experience in content localization that requires outstanding linguistic and cultural skills and thorough knowledge of today’s communication channels. Assignments range from large and complex projects for 25+ target markets to small but critical copy like buttons, CTAs and other microcopy. We will advise on the best methodology for your content.

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Language Service Provider

Pricing is tailored to scope and budget and in consultation with you.


A powerful combination of different tools, including TMS/CAT tools and machine translation.

Languages Supported

Specialists for all languages.

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