CMS are not born multilingual

Presentation by Allan Hall and Konstantin Dranch at virtual conference tekom

Most popular CMS are terrible at supporting multilingual and a modern translation workflow. For example, it's next to impossible to make continuous updates in multiple languages for WordPress, the most popular website CMS. Email: making multilingual campaigns in the most popular tool Mailchimp is a big hurdle as well. 

It's a long journey to develop a CMS that is smooth when it comes to languages.

Allan Hall and Konstantin Dranch offer an advocacy piece for creators of new CMS and provide a checklist of things that need to be done to make products suitable for localization.

  • Centralized content lake
  • API to operate all types of content, down to category names and SEO tags
  • multilingual navigation
  • support for XLIFF exports
  • language processing automation and the ability to customize media content for local versions
  • RTL support.  

and other very much needed (and often unsupported) features.

Presented  November 4, 2020 at tekom.

CMS are not born multilingual

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